Gory Cult Classic ‘Burial Ground’ Rises Again for Blu-ray

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There are cult movies, there are bad movies and there is everything else in between. Some films you aren’t sure how to categorize and you don’t know quite how to explain them to people, so it’s better they just see it for themselves. Burial Ground is such a film. For me, it defines both the Italian horror genre and exploitation films. It’s essentially about a group of really, really dumb people at mansion that are attacked by people dressed as some of the worst looking zombies ever and that’s about it. However, where Burial Ground makes this memorable is everything in between, like the bad acting, bad effects, a 25 year old dwarf cast as a 10 year old with incestual feelings toward his mother and how stupid these characters are, because the plot calls for it. Did I mention how stupid these people act?

Burial Ground is a rare treasure that has to be seen and although the film has already seen a Blu-ray release, Severin Films will be doing the film some justice, giving it a brand new 2k scan with new restoration and color correction from a negative. Of course, new extras will be included as well as reversible sleeve art and a Limited Edition to 3000 O-Sleeve with new art by Wes Benscoter. It’s a classic that adored by so many gorehounds, Burial Ground is a film that needs to be seen.



Here’s everything that’s included:

New restored 2k scan with full shot by shot color correction

English and Italian Language Audio Tracks

Villa Parisi – Legacy of Terror: Featurette on the historic house location

Peter Still Lives: Festival Q&A with actor Peter Bark

Just for the Money: Interview with actor Simone Mattioli

The Smell Of Death: Interviews with Producer Gabriele Crisanti and Actress Mariangela Giordano

Deleted/ Extended Scenes/ Shots

Theatrical Trailer

Limited Edition of 3000 with O-Sleeve feature exclusive new art by Wes Benscoter (Purchases through Severin will receive free 12×18 poster or a Special Bundle Package is being offered with Poster, enamel pin, ‘Smells Of Death’ t-shirt and a ‘Smells of Death Shot Glass’

For his only foray into the zombie genre, psychosexual sleaze maestro Andrea Bianchi (MALABIMBA: THE MALICIOUS WHORE) unleashes enough flesh-ripping, gut-chomping and depraved oedipal mayhem to set insane new standards in Italian horror:Mariangela Giordano (of SATAN’S BABY DOLL and MALABIMBA fame) stars in the splatter classic about a cursed country estate besieged by horny houseguests, undead Etruscans and the unusual relationship between a mother (Giordano) and her mega-creepy young son (disturbingly portrayed by diminutive adult actor Peter Bark) that will trigger perhaps the most jaw-dropping scenes in grindhouse history. Severin Films is improbably proud to present the definitive version of this gorehound/sex-fiend favorite, nowpacked with all-new Extras and featuring a 2k scan and restoration from an immaculate 35mm print recently discovered beneath the floorboards of a Trastevere church rectory.


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