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GORBURGER: The New Monster Of Late Night TV!

by admin

Late night television has taken a turn for the weird, and it’s all the better for it. Now Comedy Central has its own bizarro alien talk show with THE GORBURGER SHOW! And it lives up to the title when it comes to gore.

The framing follows the titular Gorburger, a strange, blue furred, extraterrestrial ogre who takes over a local access Japanese talk/variety show. Literally takes over. As in, beaming down, slaughtering or devouring most of the cast and crew, and declaring that it is his show now! And what a show it is.

The series began as a webshow from 2012 to 2013, created by Ryan McNeely and Josh Martin on Funny Or Die/Youtube. The boisterous beast voiced by comedian T.J. Miller, giving him a friendly and affable voice and personality despite the monstrous appearance and tendency to commit wanton acts of bloodshed. Gorburger himself is an impressive piece of Practical FX, like a costumed Kaiju. So, kinda like if Godzilla had his own TV show to host. The webseries mainly featured musicians like Flea, Henry Rollins, and Jack Black being interviewed by Gorburger and responding to his antics along with the eccentric and seemingly random segments and contests of a Japanese game/variety show. The new half-hour series on Comedy Central features a lot of similar segments and styles from the original webshow, including musical performances.

Now featuring bits with Gorburger visiting interesting and strange locales like a real doll factory and a twerking class. Also exhibiting a lo-fi quality, with VHS scratches, technical errors, and lots of colorful bumpers/transitions. Each episode also revolving around an issue or quirk of Gorburger’s, such as his fur shedding releasing a litter of Gremlin like ‘Gorbabies’ or becoming addicted to Jazz and holding Kenny G hostage. All to the shock and usual detriment of his guests. Assisted by Tokyo Fever! a Jpop duo of Idols that will cheerfully yell “We are Tokyo Fever!” whenever someone says Tokyo Fever! and having guests like Tig Notaro and Zach Woods/Johnny Pemberton compete in Japanese game show styles physical challenges like getting grandma off a wall with a wrecking ball, or disemboweling a guy for Gorburger’s alien god. Needless to say, there are casualties and blood sprayed.

The series is a hilarious talk show and monster mash I can’t recommend enough! Check it out Sundays at midnight on Comedy central or on their site. It’s Gorburger’s show, we’re just watching it!

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