Goosebumps Masks Coming This Halloween!

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Written by Patti Pauley

If Goosebumps‘ Carly Beth were a real person, she’d be crapping her pants right about now.


Anyone that grew up in the early to mid 90’s knows all too well how to spend those rainy Sunday afternoons stuck indoors back in the day. And that was curling up in your TMNT themed bed-sheets and the latest “Goosebumps” book. The infamous, and cheesy scary children’s books by R.L. Stein, were the go to choice in our school book fairs and libraries, and they were just the right fix young horror readers craved. The books that first appeared back in 1992, with a TV show a few years later, still hold a ceramic place in our ghoulish hearts, as we pass the works of Stein down to our kids keeping the Scholastic tradition of Slappy the dummy alive.




Famed mask makers at Trick or Treat Studios must feel the same way as us when it comes to the nostalgia factor of “Goosebumps”, because they have some pretty kick-ass Halloween masks dedicated to the terror tales up for pre-order right now on their website! An extremely life-like Slappy the Dummy sculpted by Mark Anthony, and The Haunted Mask detailed by Alexander Rey is nothing short of perfection and will harden the nips of “Goosebumps” lovers everywhere.



The masks themselves are carefully modeled after the TV show that appeared in the 90’s, and the transition from screen to the molding of the masks is absolutely breathtaking. Check them out below!


Goosebumps – Slappy the Dummy Mask

Goosebumps mask

Goosebumps – The Haunted Mask

Goosebumps mask




As stated, pre-orders are now available for these wonderful works of Halloween art, and will begin shipping to anticipated customers between August and September of this year. So head on over to the Trick or Treat Studios website to snag one up! It’s never to early to start Halloween costume planning!