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EXCLUSIVE: “Good Tidings” will give horror fans a killer Christmas

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Christmas 2016 will bring horror fans more than just presents underneath their Christmas trees, it will also bring some new horror icons to the big screen: three psychopathic killers dressed in Santa suits.

The Christmas themed horror/thriller “Good Tidings” is currently in pre-production in Southport, Merseyside England.

Coming from the team that brought this year’s zombie action thriller “Apocalypse,” and next year’s highly-anticipated H.P. Lovecraft inspired anthology “Dark Continents,” movie makers Stu Jopia, Stuart W. Bedford and Giovanni Gentile draw from their love of slasher horror and plunge it deeply into “Good Tidings.”

The bloody "Good Tidings" will unwrap in Dec. 2016

The bloody “Good Tidings” will unwrap in Dec. 2016

“We’ve always been fascinated by exploitation movies,” said writer/director Stuart W. Bedford. “’Good Tidings’ is our love-letter to those phenomenal slashers from the 70’s and 80’s, tied together by a festive satire: Christmas is cruel to the poor.”

The crew will be filming in a now defunct courthouse in Southport, UK. They have exclusive access to the 97-year-old brick structure and hope to make it as much a part of the horror story as the characters are.

Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!

“Good Tidings” tells the bloody tale of a war veteran who has taken to living in the street. The questionable things he has done in the past still haunt him, but they come back into play as three men in Santa suits violently stalk and kill his companions.

The movie’s creators are huge fans of the slasher horror genre, and“Good Tidings” will undoubtedly pull from that devotion. They say movies like “Black Christmas,” “Halloween,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Silent Night Deadly Night,” “Assault on Precinct 13,” and the modern thrillers “You’re Next,” and “The Purge,” were their inspirations.

Jopia, Bedford, and Gentile are not pleased that the Christmas horror movie has gone into extinction. Their hope is that the menacing villians in “Good Tidings” will emerge victorious over all the cheer and merriment of yule tide pleasantries.

Have you seen the scissors?

Have you seen the scissors?

“Christmas themed horror movies are my favourite holiday movies,” Jopia said. “So much festive fun to be had, and a slasher/siege movie featuring three psychopathic killer Santas is exactly what Christmas time has been crying out for.”

Writer/producer Gentile adds, “There are not enough Christmas slashers out there. It is our mission to add to this genre pool, and have a merry bloody time doing it.”

Let Santa help you open that hard, plastic packaging.

Let Santa help you open that hard, plastic packaging.

With  Michael Dougherty’s “Krampus,” starring Toni Colette, set to release early this December, the trend for making Christmas the scariest time of year may be catching on.

“Good Tidings” is due for release Christmas 2016.

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