‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Star Says Fans Are Gonna Be Really Happy

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While speaking to THR about her role in Bloodshot, breakout star Eiza González was asked about Adam Wingard’s upcoming Godzilla Vs. Kong. We were already stoked about the film but, hearing González’s ringing endorsement is definitely more exciting.

González told THR:

These movies take a long time because there’s a lot of CGI in them. But, yeah, we’ve done everything, and they’re just going through and creating these incredible characters. I’m just really excited to see it because it’s these two worlds colliding. The fan base for Godzilla vs. Kong is incredible. When I say I’m in the movie, people are like, “Oh my God.” Seeing that fanaticism and seeing how excited they are to see this movie makes me really excited; I think they’re going to be really happy. Adam Wingard is so talented. Both stories are going parallel, as you’ll see, without giving anything away. It’s a large cast as well, and it was really fun to be part of it. There’s so much going on, but the heart of it is two young girls as well, which is such a positive message for society nowadays. It’s just incredible.

It’s a bummer, a necessary bummer but still a bummer, that we we are now going to have to wait till Nov. 20 to see Godzilla Vs. Kong. The film originally was attached to a May 29 release date.

The synopsis breaks down like this:

Fearsome monsters Godzilla and King Kong square off in an epic battle for the ages, while humanity looks to wipe out both of the creatures and take back the planet once and for all.

Are you guys excited about Godzilla Vs. Kong? Let us know in the comments section.

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