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Godzilla Museum Allows You to Zipline Into the Kaiju’s Mouth

by Trey Hilburn III

The Godzilla Museum located in Japan is now open. The Attraction features tons of Godzilla memorabilia, interactive sections and a themed menu. Most notably, the upcoming giant true-to-size statue that allows you to zipline into Godzilla’s mouth to perform a mission.

The Museum immerses you in the experience by placing you in the role of a scientist assisting Godzilla. The interactive game eventually has you performing tasks to assist and study the big guy. There is also an opportunity to use a gun to shoot at the kaiju and to dodge attacks. The coolest attraction is still being worked on at the moment; a huge full scale statue of Godzilla that allows you to zipline into his mouth.

The museum is in a bit of  soft opening from Aug. 8-31. After that and after the giant statue is done being constructed the museum will re-open to the public, fully functioning and realized.

The themed menu options are pretty adorable and feature fun foods that Godzilla fans may recognize.

The entire thing thing is pretty much a dream, right? This is definitely going on the bucket list of things I need to do.

For more information and tickets head over HERE.

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