2012 saw the release of a graphic novel called Enormous, a post-apocalyptic tale that’s set in the wake of an invasion from giant monsters, who have sent humans to the bottom of the food chain. As if the monsters weren’t bad enough, a deadly plague is also sweeping the desolate landscape, forming a one-two punch that combines the horrors of end of the world entertainment with Kaiju cinema.

While Enormous is soon going to be expanding into a monthly comic series, launching later this year, a web-series is also currently in development, with the pilot episode hitting the net at the tail end of last week. Written by Trollhunter writer/director Andre Ovredal, the 10-minute pilot was essentially whipped up to test the waters for the web-series, created as a way to gauge interest in such a project, before any major commitments are made.

Based on fan reaction to the pilot, YouTube network Machinima will either toss the series out the window or move forward as planned, so the fate of the show is quite literally dependent on the support of folks like ourselves. In other words, if you like it, it’s very important that you spread the word and share it around, because if you don’t, it’s likely that the series will never make it past the pilot.

Personally, I haven’t yet read the graphic novel that the pilot is based on, but I’m quite digging the Walking Dead meets Godzilla vibe that I’m getting from this live-action adaptation, where fellow humans are as dangerous as the threats of disease and man-eating monsters. If you’re asking me, the Enormous web-series is off to a solid start, so I’m definitely on board for more post-apocalyptic, monster-filled carnage.

Check out the pilot episode below, and be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you think!

[youtube id=”_eq3tCdal2M” mode=”normal” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

Learn more about Enormous, and pre-order your copies of the upcoming comics, over on the official website!