Godzilla and Kaiju Pals Apologize For Destruction In This Toy Line

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Man, Godzilla and friends sure have caused a lot of outright destruction over the years. Tons of cities crushed under their mighty feet or poisoned by atomic breath.

Well, it’s high time they at least apologize for their tomfoolery. In a line of gachapon vending machine toys from Bandai, that is exactly what they are doing.

Godzilla and all the other big names in kaiju destruction are all here and giving their best apology with heads bowed in shame.

Each one of these dudes comes with a podium scroll reading “acts of destruction”. This sort of apology is very inline with apologies made in Japan from politicians and other public figures.

While we await Godzilla Vs. Kong to come out Nov. 20, 2020, these lil guys are a nice way to whet the appetite in the mean time. Also, the idea of these guys having to apologize in a public domain is seriously one of the funniest things my mind can comprehend on a Monday morning.

What do you guys think of this line of toys? What’s your favorite kaiju toy from your personal collection? If you feel so inclined share with us in the comments section.


Godzilla Godzilla

Source: (Sora News 24)

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