Godzilla 2 Confirmed! New Monsters Unveiled at SDCC!

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It has been confirmed today by Legendary Pictures via the SDCC panel that Godzilla 2 is a go and that Gareth Edwards will in fact return to direct it’s sequel! It is a good day for any Godzilla fans as they hinted at what new foes lie ahead for our giant friend. I think you will be pleased to hear what I’m about to tell you.

Legendary Pictures head Thomas Tull presented a video from Gareth Edwards which was recorded in San Francisco where he is working on the new Star Wars. Edwards thanked fans for supporting Godzilla and joked that while he is just doing “a little sci-fi movie”, he will return to Godzilla 2 afterwards. He also jokingly revealed a list of monsters who will be in the sequel, but the names were bleeped out. Tull then showed a video stating that “This is what we are thinking about for the sequel..” Presented in black and white for effect, the video revealed a jumble of destruction from around the world with voice over from John F. Kennedy. Then came the monster reveal and they are as follows:


Rodan! Rodan has layers of spikes on its chest that can be used as a weapon. Sometimes called merely hurricane winds, it is clearly visible in Godzilla: Final Wars, that Rodan can emit sonic booms, as demonstrated when it flew over the ship “Rumbling” and released a sonic boom destroying the air craft. He also usually has spikes on his head and chest that is pretty effective in battle.



Ghidorah! This guy is capable of tremendous destruction due to its size. His wings can produce hurricane strength winds, and can fire gravity beams from his mouth. Oh yeah, plus 3 heads and two tails. 


and finally…




Mothra! A fan favorite among many, Mothra has been shown to have the ability to spray silk, metamorphose, fly, generate hurricane-force wind, scatter poison, drop wings and use various magical energy attacks. Mothra is one of Godzilla’s most frequently recurring opponents, though it has never defeated Godzilla without some assistance; in some stories, Mothra is also portrayed as an ally to Godzilla. So who knows if he’ll be a friend.. or a foe.

The video then ended with “Let them Fight!”



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