The Glitter Coffin Company has the answer for those of us who want to have a glamorous sendoff to the afterlife. Having such an uplifting color as the focus of a funeral may help the idea of celebrating your loved one’s life, instead of focusing on the grieving and message of finality that death brings.

The Glitter Coffin Company is located out of the United Kingdom. Each coffin is uniquely made to the measurements specified by the client, as well as customized in the glitter of your choice. The company has a wide array of hues to choose from.

The beautiful sparkles come in 11 colors; lilac, silver, ice blue, rose gold, pink, black, gold, purple, blue, opal white, and copper. Recently, The Glitter Coffin Company has also added ash boxes to their store. These also come in their bright array of glitters. These ash boxes accommodate both humans and pets alike.

Once the lid of the coffin is removed you can see the inside is outlined by more glitter, and the inside appears to be lined in white satin.

For those who are concerned about the caskets being safe when used for cremation or burial, don’t be. The glitter is made of chlorinated plastic which is safe when used in the cremation process. No emissions are released when burned.

When buried in the earth the glitter shards are on cotton fabric, which makes it biodegradable and safe for burials as well.

These coffins are only available for purchase through a funeral home. You can, however, buy their ash boxes online. These ash boxes are sold for $214.61. If you choose, these beautifully sparkly boxes can include a custom engraving on a silver plaque.

If you think this idea is a little over the top, The Glitter Coffin Company posted a wonderful and lovely piece of feedback on their social media that would bring even the biggest haters to second guess their skepticism.  If it makes people happy, why not?

The Glitter Coffin company defies the age old saying; you can’t take it with you. This is in reference to the worldly items you have accumulated during your life. Well in this case, you can.