Glenn Danzig’s ‘Verotika’ Trailer is On Brand Danzig

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Most of us in the horror community are familiar with Glenn Danzig. His music is a key essential in making up many of our auditory horror roots. His film, Verotika takes those sounds and places them in the confines of 70’s exploitation horror to great effect in the first trailer for Verotika.

The film consists of three stories – The Albino Spider of Dajette, about a French sex worker who has eyes for nipples and is tormented by a monstrous spider; Change of Face, about a disfigured stripper who collects the faces of other women; and Drukija, Contessa of Blood, Danzig’s version of the Countess Bathory story.

Verotika has been very split among critics with our own Jacob Davison giving it some pretty high marks.  The film is undoubtedly low budget. But, I don’t think any of that or negative reception will detour Danzig fans from going out and picking this one up.

I’m going to pick this one up on principle alone and a lot of that seriously has to do with Davison’s review and my love for Danzig.

The special edition 3-disc set for Verotika is now up for pre-order over at Amazon.

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