Gifts Ideal for a Horror Movie Enthusiast: NECA Hellraiser Collection

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Family and friends often find it hard to buy a gift for me, mainly due to the fact my biggest hobby is Horror films. What they don’t realize is we’re probably one of the easiest groups to shop for thanks to the abundance of movie memorabilia found on the net. One of the biggest places to find these horror goodies is on

Here are a few things that any self respecting horror fan would be proud to get their hands on, starting with the NECA Hellraiser collection.

Hellraiser – The fun with the Hellraiser figurines is there are not hundreds of them like My Little Ponies! They are ideal for a beginner collector and make a pretty good show piece in a display cabinet. The NECA collection has wonderful detail and are by far the best quality of the action figures out there.

Series 1
All figurines are 7 inches in size and some come with extra attachments such as extra weapons. The platform the figures stand on form the toy makers puzzle box from the movies and the characters will still stand without it used as a base. This was a cleaver tactic used by NECA to entice customers to buy all figures and not just their favourite character.
pinhead stitches cd twin chatterer chatter beast
Pinhead 1 Stitch CD Wire Twins Chatterer Chatter Beast
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Limited Edition – The Pewter Pinhead was released with the first series due to the series one success, but there was only 3000 produced and it’s quite difficult to get your hands on. Technically it is part of the collection although it is just an extra figurine and doesn’t come with anything that ties it to the first six such as the puzzle box pieces. This is the holy grail of the collection!
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Series 2
The figurines are the same size as series 1 and there is a new Pinhead, all the rest are new additions to the collection. By collecting all the figurines you will be able to construct the Pillar of souls which is featured on Hellraiser 2.
pinhead2 surgeon butterball skinless angelique barbie
Pinhead 2 Surgeon Butterball Julia Angelique  Barbie
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Limited Edition – The Chatterer 2, is pretty much the same as the Chatterer character in the first series however, there are a few differences to the head which would make it look more like the Chatterer in Hellraiser 2. Only 3000 were produced.
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Series 3
All figures 7 inch apart from the Dr Channard which with his extra accessories reaches 18 inches tall. Collecting them all will give you the Leviathan shard which reaches 18 inches tall also.
pinhead 3 bloodlinetwins female frank channard
Pinhead 3 Bloodline Twins Female Frank Dr Channard
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18 Inch Electronic
If the person you are buying for seems to have a lot of little figurines but you are unsure which ones they don’t have, a safe option might be to buy them the 18 inch motion activated sound edition. There are two of these and for some reason the Chatterer figure is harder to get hold of. That’s ok with me ill take the pinhead!
neca-18pin neca-18chat
Pinhead Chatterer
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Next time we will be looking at the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Toys by NECA