Ghostly Voice Saves Toddler After 14 hours

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On March 7, four police officers descended into the icy banks of the Spanish Fork River in Utah, investigating reports of an overturned car within its freezing current. Once on the scene, they were guided to the crash site by a soft woman’s voice calling for help from the vehicle, according to the Associated Press (AP).

The AP reports when officers reached the overturned vehicle they discovered only two passengers: The female driver, Lynn Groesbeck, dead in the front seat and 18 month-old Lily Groesbeck dangling securely in the back. It is estimated that the car had been submerged just over a day. The baby was unconscious but alive. After righting the car and freeing the infant, rescuers quickly began treatment, saving her life.

Groesbeck's vehicle (Fox 13 News--Spanish Fork, Utah)

Groesbeck’s vehicle (Fox 13 News–Spanish Fork, Utah)

Police say there is no clear cause for the accident, toxicology reports are still pending, and there is no suspicion drugs or alcohol; the road had no skid marks or obstructions. The wreckage was found beneath a cement bridge, hidden from the heavy traffic above. It is estimated that Lynn Groesbeck smashed into the cement barrier, flipping the car up and over the bridge and into the icy river below.

Tyler Beddoes was one of the four officers on scene who helped firefighters transfer the infant, dressed only in a flannel onesie, from the icy water to the safety of the paramedics. Lily is recovering, he said, opening her eyes and doing well.

Afterwards, the four officers got together and discussed the voice they heard coming from the car when they reached the crash site. Beddoes says that they all concurred hearing the woman’s cry for help but cannot explain it; the child’s mother had died in the crash.

“That’s the part that really sends me for a whirl,” Beddoes said. “I’m not really religious, but that’s what you think of.”

Beddoes, a 30-year-old father of two says that it is a miracle that the infant survived, and wonders if the baby had been crying most of the night.

He is still perplexed at the voice, and after the tumultuous events of that morning, Beddoes met with the other rescuers to discuss what they had heard:

“We all got together and we all heard the same type of thing, “Beddoes said, “We just can’t grasp what we were hearing.”

Mysterious voice from inside the car leads resuers to Lily 18-month-old Lily Groesbeck (Photo from video FoxNews 13--Spanish Fork, Utah)

Mysterious voice from inside wrecked car leads rescuers to 18-month-old Lily Groesbeck, saving her life. (Photo from video Fox News 13–Spanish Fork, Utah)

You can check out the local Fox 13 News report here, and listen to the 911 call from a fisherman who noticed the wreck and alerted authorities.