Ghost Busting Dan Aykroyd Turns 65!

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Who you gonna call horror fans? 65 years ago today our very own ghost buster Dan Aykroyd was born, and would become an acting legend in Hollywood. Starring in movies spanning multiple genres, horror fans most likely recognize Mr. Aykroyd as Ray from none other than Ghostbusters. A film almost every 80’s and 90’s child has grown up on, and provided countless hours of entertainment.

Dan Aykroyd brought his all to one of the most beloved movies out of the 80’s and his portrayal of Ray Stantz won the hearts of movie goers everywhere. While his character may have been used mostly for comic relief, many viewers were able to connect to Ray’s character and that is part of what made the film so special.

dan aykroyd-ghostbusters

Dan didn’t stop with the Ghostbusters franchise, he would also go on to star in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the god damn terrifyingly animated children’s movie Antz, and most notably for many horror fanatics Twilight Zone: The movie. I think we all remember his role in that particular movie, after having it scar many viewers as a child.

No matter what the role or what the movie Dan Aykroyd always brings his A-game, bringing life to whatever character he happens to be portraying on screen. From live action to downright terrifying animation Aykroyd is a truly talented actor, and today we celebrate him, and say thanks for the many years of entertainment he has provided the world.

While primarily a comedy actor, Dan Aykroyd has shown that he is more than capable of holding his own while acting in most any genre, with years of acting experience under his belt. From Ghostbusters to Peal Harbor and Twilight Zone: The Movie Aykroyd never fails to entertain his audience.

Twilight Zone: The Movie

Happy Birthday Dan Aykroyd with many more to come! What are your personal favorite Aykroyd characters? Personally no one could ever top Stantz, because who doesn’t love the Ghostbusters movies? Chat it up in the comments and lets find out which of his many characters stood out to audiences the most.


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