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Was the ‘Ghost Adventures Live’ Halloween Special Worth the Hype?

by Tony Runco

Another spooky Halloween season has come and gone, and with it, yet another live paranormal investigation from the beloved Ghost Adventures crew. Led by their fearless (is fearless the right word?) leader Zak Bagans, this year’s investigation took place in the highly active and supernatural ‘Haunted Museum’, which is owned by Bagans himself, and was put together from his personal collection of rare and ghostly oddities.

The crown jewel of the artifacts and climax of the Halloween special is a small, wooden, wine box known as the Dybbuk Box. It is believed to be one of the most haunted objects in the world, and contains a malicious Dybbuk spirit that has the ability to haunt and even possess those who come into contact with it. The box was also the inspiration for the 2012 film The Possession, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Numerous owners of the box have reported strange and horrifying phenomena that accompany it, including terrible nightmares, intense depression and serious health issues. According to the previous owner, Kevin Mannis, the contents within the box consist of two 1920s pennies, a lock of blonde hair, a lock of dark brown hair, a small statue engraved with the Hebrew word “Shalom”, a gold wine goblet, one dried rose bud, and a single candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs.

via Las Vegas Review-Journal

For weeks leading up to the live investigation, Bagans consulted the opinions of professionals within the field, family members and his devoted fans, as to whether or not he should remove the glass case surrounding the cursed box and open the possessed cabinet. While the consensus was fairly split, many viewers tuned in Halloween night to see what consequences would befall Bagans and his team of experts.

Arriving in a black, 1968 Camaro that was previously owned by the infamous Waco cult leader David Koresh, Zak Bagans made quite an entrance to his ‘Haunted Museum’ in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. When asked if he would be opening the Dybbuk box that evening, Bagans stated that he had still not made his final decision on the matter. He also noted that in the days leading up to the haunting event, he had began to feel ill and fatigued, and believed it to be a direct result of his claims to open the box.

via Las Vegas Review-Journal

Throughout the course of the four hour special, the Ghost Adventures squad and various experts investigated many of the prized possessions and spirited rooms within the museum. Some of the paranormal focus centered on the famous “Lilly Doll”, Bela Lugosi’s mirror, a rather strange confrontation that took place in the basement between “Lady Snake” and a self proclaimed “good witch”, and of course, the dreaded Dybbuk box.

After quite a bit of tension-building and countless “Did you hear that?” remarks that could easily turn the 4 hour special into a Halloween drinking game, Zak and his team decided to remove the glass case that displays the box. But as the show came to its epic conclusion, Bagans made the executive decision NOT to open it, stating that with the amount of bad energy and immense paranormal activity that was witnessed throughout the evening, he did not want to put himself or his team in any more potential danger.

Countless fans tweeted their relief over Zak’s decision not to open the Dybbuk box, but many viewers felt that the host and his crew may have hyped up the scare factor just a little too much. Considering that the box has already been opened and photographed in the past, was there really such a dark presence surrounding the Ghost Adventures team that their lives were actually in danger?

There is no denying that Zak Bagans has collected some one-of-a-kind items for his spooky exhibit, but everyone reacts to the supernatural differently. Next time you’re visiting Sin City, be sure to stop by the ‘Haunted Museum’ and let us know your own experience with the infamous Dybbuk box.

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