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“Get the Girl” Trailer Is a Kidnapping Love Story Gone Wrong

by Crystal Bee

Get the Girl is not your average love story. This film starts out innocent enough; a rich guy has a crush on a girl who has no idea he exists. That’s when things get dysfunctional.

(Photo Courtesy of “Get the Girl” IMDb Page)

Justin Dobies plays Clarence, the young man who’s pining for Alexandra, played by Elizabeth Whitson. Clarence pays someone to assist him with “getting the girl” but Clarence makes the mistake of completely trusting the guy. He tricks Clarence and gets him involved in a real kidnapping!

The ruse is meant to bring Alexandra closer to Clarence. Sure enough, things don’t go according to plan.

Will Clarence get Alexandra or will they both bite the dust?

Find out for yourself when Get the Girl comes out in U.S. theaters and on iTunes January, 27, 2017.

Still not sure if you should watch this?

Halloween and Halloween II star Scout Taylor-Compton is listed on the IMDb page

Based on the trailer, I get a You’re Next, The Strangers, and The Purge vibe.

I highly approve of this vibe because I really enjoy those films. Get the Girl is Rated R and you can check out the trailer below:

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