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Get Ready for THE PURGE TV Series with 6 New Posters

by Paul Aloisio

On September 4th, The Purge comes to Television. Are you ready?

Six new posters have been released to ramp up the hype for this highly-anticipated television event. This ten-part series will follow the tried and true formula of the films; on Purge Night, everything is legal for 12 hours – and obviously, a lot of murder will ensue.

The new images for The Purge TV series beg the question of “Will you hide, or will you seek?” Based on all the information we have gathered so far, the series looks to be just as if not more terrifying than the original movie, which was the most “pure horror” film in the franchise. While the other movies certainly had their moments, none have been able to surpass the level of intense fear instilled within the first.

Hopefully, the series will be able to.

But there’s also some good news for anyone who lives under a rock and hasn’t seen the first The Purge film yet. In an interview with TVLine, the cast shed some details about The Purge TV series and assured everyone that you don’t really need to have even seen any of the other films to enjoy the show.

From the interview:

“These are new characters, and what The First Purge has allowed is just a stepping stone to what happens on the 10th anniversary.”

The cast also noted that flashbacks will be used to further deepen the emotional investment and clue the viewers in who are new to the series. As long as you can grasp the premise – that the government shuts down for 12 hours and declares all crime legal – you’ll be able to follow the show just fine.

Check the images out below for yourself and prepare yourself for the purge; it’ll be here before you know it. Are you ready?

Watch a trailer for it here.


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