Fans have been clamoring for a fifth Phantasm for as long as anyone can remember. With each passing year, it seemed more and more likely it wasn’t going to happen, but the fans and actors of the series remained positive. We needed closure.

Finally this week, some positive and exciting news broke that not only will there be a new Phantasm called Phantasm V: Ravager, but that it has already been filmed! Ain’t It Cool News debuted a teaser poster and although details on cast, crew and plot are not well known, the fine folks at The Phantasm Archives did manage to dig up some info, so check it out!

Details are scant on the project right now, so here is just a tiny bit more than what all the other websites are reporting:

-To reiterate, this project has been filming little by little since 2008.
-The original working title for several years was “Reggie’s Tales.”
-The original cast members put in appearances along with some Don Coscarelli regulars.
-It was partly filmed in Crestline, CA at Reggie Bannister’s own home!
-Many of the familiar series elements are back… the ‘Cuda and the sphere especially. Oh, yes… there will be blood!
-The Lady in Lavender will be returning.
-The film is not directed Don Coscarelli, but by David Hartman under Don Coscarelli’s supervison.

This has been a very long awaited sequel, so as soon as some detail emerge, we’ll let you know!