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Get Lost in the 80’s with Lost After Dark

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They don’t make slashers like they use to, back in the 80’s. They had a certain, undeniable charm to them that hasn’t been matched to date and they followed a simple rule: Stupid, drunk and horny teenagers go off somewhere secluded and get killed one by one. Now, it’s hard to pull off, what with the modern conveniences of technology. Thanks to Raven Banner Entertainment (currently seeking distribution at Cannes), you’ll be able to relive those precious memories of good old fashioned 80’s slicing and dicing with their latest time period horror flick Lost After Dark and as a treat, we have the trailer for you to view (courtesy of Shock Till You Drop)!

Lost After Dark follows a group of teenagers who sneak out of a high school dance, and head out to party at a friend’s cabin. Along the way their ride breaks down, stranding them near an abandoned farmhouse. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, their quest for help becomes one of survival. Lost After Dark pays tribute to iconic horror classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Its unique selling point is that the story is a homage told in a retro style that takes audiences back to 1984, when the slasher film ruled the box office.

The film will be directed by Ian Kessner and features the T-1000 himself, Robert Patrick along with Elise Gatien, Eve Harlow and Mark Wiebe.

[youtube id=”ATkFKyfMMHU”]

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