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Well, it’s happened. As of next month’s eleventh season premiere, Supernatural will officially become the longest running series in the history of The CW, surpassing the previous record holder Smallville. When SPN premiered back in 2005, it’s hard to imagine that anyone involved could’ve anticipated that the show would still be pumping out new episodes over a decade later.


Last season ended on a pretty dark note – literally – with Dean Winchester choosing to “kill death” rather than his brother Sam, and releasing an ancient force called The Darkness from its eternal slumber. As if that wasn’t bad enough, tormented angel Castiel ended season ten under the influence of a spell designed to make him kill demonic quasi-ally Crowley. So yeah, things aren’t good.

To hype up the season premiere – entitled Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire – The CW has released a new mini-featurette about the episode, as well as a full trailer. Both can be seen in full below.

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While many fans felt that Supernatural’s tenth year was an up-and-down one, it’s hard to deny that the season’s ending cliffhanger set in motion some fascinating possibilities. Here’s hoping showrunner Jeremy Carver and company will find a way to resist SPN’s seemingly constant urge to reset things to the status quo, at least for awhile. See last year’s quickly resolved “Demon Dean” storyline for a recent example of how SPN tends to revert to the standard “Sam and Dean investigate the case of the week” format way too soon.

Supernatural season eleven premieres on October 7th, 2015 at 9pm.

Supernatural - Demon Dean