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Get a Load Of These Retro VHS Look Blu Ray Releases

by Trey Hilburn III

Everything old is new again and currently, nostalgia is a comfort food that I’m totally behind. Lucky for us, nostalgia has consumed physical media in all sorts of ways. Most recently, in the form of Mill Creek Entertainment’s rad retro VHS look blu-ray series.

Most notable among them being the shish kebab skewer slasher, Happy Birthday to Me, the Chuck Norris cult fave Silent Rage, Arnie’s Last Action Hero and the fantastic fantasy, Krull.

These each come cool slip-case clad. Each with their own vintage and worn case and cassette tape art. To boot, they also come with very nice crisp transfers of each respective film. Both Happy Birthday to Me and Silent Rage in particularly look great.

Now if you are buying these, don’t expect too much in terms of special features. That isn’t this collections bag. It comes with the same amount of features that actual standard VHS tapes used to come with. For the value price you get the cool retro art and a nice clean blu-ray transfer. Literally nothing else. In the case of Happy Birthday to Me, the blu-ray menu literally has one option and that is to select to play the film.

All that said, for the price these gems are definitely worth it in my opinion.   

Mill Creek Entertainment’s retro VHS look collection also includes Sheena, Neighbors, Harbodies and The Legend of Billie Jean. Each with a ridiculously low price tag and will be available Jan. 15.

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