George Romero’s Son Directing Night of the Living Dead Prequel

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There’s no single horror movie that has had more of an influence on the genre than George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Released in 1968, the independently-made film forever redefined the cinema zombie, as Romero turned mindless slaves into iconic monsters.

Now, nearly 50 years later, George’s son Cameron Romero is following in daddy’s footsteps, looking to bring to the screen a horror film that will serve as a prequel to his father’s enduring masterpiece. Necessary? Not really. But read on, if you’re interested.

Variety reports today that Radar Pictures has come on board to produce the prequel, titled Origins. Cameron Romero both wrote the screenplay and will be directing the film, which embarked on a successful Indiegogo campaign last October.

Origins is a great opportunity for me to continue the family tradition of creating haunting and ever-evolving depictions of the undead, and a great opportunity for Romero fans to see a story of zombie inception never portrayed before,” said Romero – Cameron Romero, that is. George seems to have nothing to do with the film.

In the genesis tale, set in the 60s, Dr. Ryan Cartwright is on the scientific and altruistic path to find a way for humans to sustain life in the event of M.A.D (Mutual Assured Destruction), a huge topic brought on by the Cuban Missile Crisis. Little did he know that over the course of the next several years of his life, he would take a well-funded and military focused journey to the darkest corners of the world – as he creates the ultimate weapon for the government and a curse that will plague mankind for the rest of days.

Production on Origins is planned for later this year. In meantime, you can learn a whole lot more about the project over on Indiegogo.