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George A. Romero is Back with New Film “Road of the Dead”

by D.D. Crowley

I think it is safe to say that George A. Romero is the master of all things that are modern zombie. Since Survival of the Dead, we haven’t heard much out of Romero until now, but there is a new Romero movie headed our way called Road of the Dead.

According to Indie Wire, it was announced by Frontières that Road of the Dead will be included in their first wave of projects for their ninth edition to be shown at their film festival. Frontières is the Fantasia International Film Festival’s annual film co-production market.

The first wave of their projects is to take place in Montreal from July 20-23. The official title of the movie is George A. Romero Presents: Road of the Dead. The idea for the movie came a decade ago from the movie’s director Matt Birman (who was second unit director to three Romero films), which he pitched to Romero.

Road of the Dead

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The premise of the movie centers around zombie prisoners on an island. There they race cars for the wealthy as a form of entertainment. Indie Wire states that Matt Birman said the premise would be “Road Warrior meets Rollerball at a Nascar race, with significant inspiration from Ben-Hur.”

I can confidently say I have no idea what to expect with this movie. It was written by Romero and Birman as a team and we can’t rule out a strong social commentary if Romero was heavy handed in the writing process.

Road of the Dead

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Night of the Living Dead weighed heavy in race issues, Dawn of the Dead in commercialism, Day of the Dead chose to focus less on global issues and more on human interaction, Land of the Dead showed the zombies becoming more human like which could be how our zombie racers come to be and Diary of the Dead sauntered into the found footage market by showing our reliance on technology.

Road of the Dead

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Survival of the Dead, Romero’s last movie, was intentionally a sillier zombie western. You either loved or hated it. Over the years I have come to appreciate Romero’s more recent but less loved movies. He creates the movies for a reason and there’s always a message underneath.

While the premise of this new movie is may be harder to wrap my head around, I am more than happy to give it a fair shake and see what Romero has in store for us with Road of the Dead.

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