George A. Romero Legacy

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The University of Pittsburgh announced this week that it had acquired a large collection of the late George Romero’s work to add to its academic archives.

Romero effectively put Pittsburgh on the map with Night of the Living Dead, and his continued work. In light of this, Romero’s widow Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, his daughter Tina Romero, and his business partner Peter Grunwald made the donation on behalf of the George Romero Foundation and Estate.

According to the Pittsburgh City Paper, the collection will include an original annotated script from Night of the Living Dead, an unfinished adaptation of Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, and set photos and props from his various films.

The library system will make the films available to students, faculty, researchers, and filmmakers in an effort to reserve Romero’s legacy as a writer, director, and mentor.

Romero was no less than an innovator in his craft, creating stories that spoke directly to the socio-political climate of his time while thrilling audiences with his terrifying films. He directly pointed at issues of race, materialism, capitalism, and the American class system in his films, and he did so with an admirable subtlety, especially in his earlier works.

This preservation project will insure that those works and the mind behind them will remain intact for generations to come.

The university will spend the summer documenting the collection, and will also create a multimedia exhibit for some of the director’s work on the third floor of the University of Pittsburgh Hillman Library.