General Mills Monsters Coming to Funko Soda

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More awesome news out of the London Toy Fair includes, the upcoming addition of General Mills Monsters to the Funko Soda line.

This release is inline with Funko’s cereal line that comes packaged with a small Funko toy. This time around however, you will be receiving a soda can containing a Funko figure.

That’s right, unfortunately the Funko Soda line won’t come with actual soda. Instead the can is used as a package for the figure. That bit of news is slightly a bummer since I would have loved to have had themed drinks paired to each one of the releases. I mean, a Franken Berry soda would have been the alchemy of sugary dreams, right?

Still, the soda can and figure make for a nice combo collectible. The figures measure in at 4.25″.

The General Mills Monsters release include Count-Chocula and Franken Berry. Each comes with a variant that places Frank in Count-Chocula colors and places The Count in Boo Berry colors.

The line also has a heck load of other characters that include Batman, Skeletor, Jabberjaw, etc. You can take a peek at the complete line over at Funko’s site.

What do you guys think? Excited about the new Soda Funko line? Let us know in the comments section.

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