Geico Halloween Commercial Lampoons Dumb Horror Movie Characters

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As Cabin in the Woods so brilliantly pointed out, characters in horror movies tend to be pretty damn stupid. It’s oftentimes their dumb decisions that result in them becoming the next victim, and they never seem to know that what they’re doing is really, really, REALLY idiotic.

From splitting up to going into houses that are obviously not safe, not killing monsters when they have the chance to totally ignoring the dude who’s trying to warn them of impending danger, most horror movie characters almost seem to have a death wish, as if they’re trying their hardest to wind up as the next meal on the plate of the cannibalistic madman who’s pursuing them.

It’s just something that’s been an inherent hallmark of horror cinema for many years now, and Geico is poking fun at that aspect of the genre with their 2014 Halloween commercial. In it, four young victims-to-be make a slew of bad decisions, happily jumping head first into doom rather than trying to avoid it.

Check out the hilarious commercial below, which is thus far the hands down winner of 2014 Halloween ads!

[youtube id=”AWv-dIUP9oc”]
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