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Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs Kicks Off New Cards, Toys and More

by Trey Hilburn III

The 80’s and early 90’s were pretty rad. We were obsessed with slime, monsters, gross out toys and collectible cards. One of the crown moments of the gross out collectibles were Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs. That’s precisely why the news of both of these respective lines returning is so fricking exciting.

Cloudco Entertainment and the Topps Company are teaming up and becoming the peanut butter and jelly of good news. They are reviving both Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs in trading cards, collector toys, collectible augmented reality pins and a lot more.

“Madballs and GPK are of the same era and share tons of irreverent attributes, so we love the idea of a fun ‘confrontational collaboration’ that plays off the two brands as competitors,” says Robert Prinzo, global licensing head, Cloudco Entertainment. “Whether it’s Hollywood monsters, horror icons or comic book superheroes, fans always want to see ‘impossible’ match-ups from different universes, so we’re grateful to partner with Topps and deliver the ‘grossest’ possible version of that here.” Robert Prinzo, global licensing head at Cloudco Entertainment.

As you can see from the art here, all of the illustrations will feature the same 80’s style approach.

GPK and Madballls are comign to the following:

  • Topps (trading cards);
  • Megalopolis (two-pack action figures);
  • Mad Engine (apparel and accessories);
  • Chalk Line (jackets);
  • Mishka NYC (streetwear, apparel, accessories, and vinyl Medicom figures);
  • Pinfinity (augmented reality pins); and
  • Super Impulse (collectible toys).

I’m not sure about you guys but, I’m pretty dang excited. I was an enormous collector of the GPK cards. It was one of those things that parents hated and we all loved. I had a couple of Madballs but never got into them as much as iI was into GPK. So, if you ask me who wins? I can tell you its going to be GPK for life.

We will let you know as soon as we have more info.

Who was your favorite GPK? Let us know in the comments section.


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