Game Review: Wales Interactive Releases Spooky ‘The Shapeshifting Detective’

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The Shapeshifting Detective, a brand new full motion video game from D’Avekki Studios Limited and distributed by Wales Interactive, is available today, and it’s perfect for gamers who love a good mystery.

Set in a small village, you step into the shoes of a detective named Sam who has the uncanny ability to shapeshift into other human beings. It seems a passionate young cellist by the name of Dorota Shaw has been murdered, and the local police have requested your services in ferreting out the killer.

Even setting aside Sam’s shapeshifting abilities, the murder and the circumstances surrounding it are certainly strange. It was predicted, you see, by three tarot readers working with a mysterious Mercury deck which, they explain, asks its own questions and then provides answers for them when they read together.

Your job is to set about interrogating each of the suspects tied to Dorota and to capture her murderer before he or she can kill again.

I loved this game! I love a good mystery to begin with but when you add the sneaky nature of slipping into someone else’s identity and speaking to their friends as a confidant to try to gather information, you’ve hit pure gold.

Director Tim Cowles who co-wrote the game with Lynda Cowles assembled a talented cast of actors to play the various suspects in a game comprised of over 1600 HD videos.

Aislinn De’Ath, who previously appeared in the Cowles’ The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, is perfection as the gossipy Violet Gallacher, who owns the guesthouse in which the tarot readers are staying and will drop a hint or two when asked just the right question at just the right time.

Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler, Olivia Noyce, and Nicholas Pople, are all quite good as the tarot reading psychics, as well. The talented Butler in particular, with her soulful eyes and whiskey voice, has a quality about her that reminded me of Olivia Hussey.

Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler as Bronwyn in The Shapeshifting Detective from Wales Interactive

Interrogation and impersonation aren’t the only source of clues from the talented game developers. Throughout the game a radio is playing in the guesthouse that offers insights into the story, and when you “hail a cab” to travel to a different location, the taxi’s radio offers interesting tidbits as well, giving the game a much more immersive feel as it progresses.

This is not an action packed game, however. As I said previously, it’s a game of questions and answers, but to keep things interesting a different murderer is chosen at random at the beginning of each game.

The fact that everyone you meet is a suspect and anyone could be the murderer makes the game worth playing through multiple times.

The Shapeshifting Detective is available today on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below!

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