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‘Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey to Star in Clive Barker’s ‘Jacqueline Ess’

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Lena Headey - Game of Thrones

After four seasons playing manipulative queen Cersei Lannister on the hit HBO drama Game of Thrones, the beautiful Lena Headey is set to star in a literary adaptation of a far more horrific nature. The news was first broken by Variety.

Headey (who also played the title role in the short-lived sci-fi series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) has signed on to headline an upcoming adaptation of the Clive Barker short story Jacqueline Ess. First featured in the second volume of Barker’s famed Books of Blood series, Jacqueline Ess revolves around a bored housewife who attempts suicide because she’s so sick of the banality of it all.

She doesn’t succeed, but soon discovers that she has developed the bizarre ability to bend and twist the shape of people’s bodies with her mind. This being a Clive Barker tale, copious amounts of sex and death ensue, with Jacqueline finding it hard to control her powers, and incredibly gruesome deaths resulting.

Short film director Jovanka Vukovic will make her feature debut on the project, while Barker’s Seraphim Films will co-produce with Raven Banner Entertainment. Horror is a genre with far too few female directors, so it’ll be very interesting to see what Vukovic does with this opportunity, especially since she’s also co-writing the script. The story of Jacqueline Ess is entirely female centered, so it actually makes a lot of sense that a woman be the one to bring it to the screen.

Clive Barker had the following to say about Headey’s casting:

“Lena Headey is a marvelous performer with an incredible presence. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better choice of actress for the role of Jacqueline. Her beauty and authority will carry the day.”

Headey is no stranger to our beloved genre, having appeared in both the cult 2009 slasher film Laid to Rest, and the 2013 blockbuster The Purge.

Lena Headey - The Purge

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