FX’s ‘The Strain’ Gets a Season 2 Premiere Date

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While the current decade has been an embarrassment of riches for fans of televised horror, one show that really made a mark on the year 2014 was the Guillermo Del Toro produced apocalyptic vampire drama The Strain.

Based on Del Toro’s own novels (co-written with Chuck Hogan), The Strain’s first season presented a portrait of just how quickly modern society might crumble when faced with an enemy long thought to be nothing more than the stuff of folk tales and legends.


The Strain season one was a huge success for cable giant FX, and a second batch of episodes was ordered with zero hesitation. Of course, the one thing we didn’t know until recently was just when season two of The Strain would make its debut upon our TV screens. Well, FX has finally provided the answer: Sunday, July 12th at 10pm.

This new season promises to up the ante in all respects, as The Master seeks vengeance upon Eph, Norah, and Abraham, following their group’s botched attempt to take the ancient monster out. As a permanent night begins to fall upon New York, the vampire plague is now becoming the rule rather than the exception. The time for deception and bargaining is over. The only strategy remaining is to fight for humanity’s very survival. This is gonna be good.

The Strain- David Bradley