FX Masters, Set Secrets & Goldblum’s Testicles in ‘Character’ on Screambox

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“I’m gonna tell tales here and I don’t give a sh*t,” says host and make-up effects artist Christopher Nelson on his new Screambox series “Character.”  Nelson is talking about music in the make-up workroom and what actors choose to listen to; it can sometimes ruin a great song. I’ll tell you what big-chinned actor was responsible for ruining Nine Inch Nails for Nelson later.

Nelson’s assertion sums up the sentiment of his roundtable of peers, maybe without the cursing, but his guests are very open about their personal experiences in the industry. They are Academy Award winners, innovators and above all else, illusionists who, with only latex and corn syrup, changed the industry.

Horror movie fans don’t mind seeing the magic behind the monster. In fact, we love it so much we made our own word to describe it, “FX.”


Screambox’s “Character,” is giving its subscribers all the behind the scenes FX anecdotes you can possibly handle for FREE, coming not only from host Christopher Nelson but Rick Baker, Bart Mixon, Margaret Prentice and Vincent Van Dyke.

Together they are better than any DVD commentary, maybe giving us too much information: Why did Jeff Goldblum complain about his right testicle during a filming break in The Fly. Helena Bonham Carter accidentally glued newspaper to her face during Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes?!

Original miniseries “It” FX artist Bart Mixon gives his opinion on the”new” Pennywise and responds to people’s criticisms of his spider at the end of that film.

The series was created and executive produced by Christopher Nelson along with Stephanie Ford, and Nick Turner, direction by Graham Denman.

“Character with Christopher Nelson” is a co-production of Screambox and TV4 Entertainment.

“It’s been a pleasure letting Screambox and TV4 Entertainment into our circle of FX makeup friends and peers,” said Nelson. “I’m excited to see what fun adventures we come up with next!”

Fans in this latest adventure are going to have a great time having coffee with these folks, listening to all their tales from the workroom to set.

By the way, if you are still wondering who Nelson was talking about in the beginning, it was Mickey Rourke who insisted that Nine Inch Nails be played on a constant loop while in his make-up chair.

To watch this three-part series for FREE, head over to Screambox and check it out.

The show can be viewed on any connected laptop, tablet, or phone and streamed using XBOX, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV, Apple TV, iOS, LeEco or Android.

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