Beep beep, iHorror readers! If you’re reading this website, chances are good that you’ve seen the 1990 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel IT, or at least are familiar with it via clips and memes. The primary reason IT (1990) has become so well-known is Tim Curry’s amazing performance as the titular shapeshifting monster’s Pennywise the Clown form, alternating between scaring the hell out of viewers and making them laugh at things that are so macabre that they really shouldn’t be funny.


Unfortunately, the pop culture notoriety of IT (1990) has never translated into the home video realm, with both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the miniseries being nearly barebones. The included commentary track by director Tommy Lee Wallace and several cast members is admittedly a worthwhile listen, but fans have still often lamented the lack of visual set materials offering any kind of look at the actual production process. Thankfully, that’s where FX artist Bart J. Mixon – who worked on IT in the role of special make-up effects supervisor – comes in.

Over the years, Mixon has shared several interesting behind-the-scenes photographs from IT via Facebook, and he recently released his latest treasure for fans of the miniseries: a set of stills offering a closer look at the stop-motion Pennywise puppet that escapes down into the sewer during the first fight with the Losers Club. The puppet’s appearance on-screen goes by pretty fast, but its full design is really a sight to behold, and a testament to old-school special effects techniques. Check the photos out below, and if you happen to have Prince Albert in a can, please remember to let the poor guy out.

pennywise-puppet-by-bart-j-mixon-1 pennywise-puppet-by-bart-j-mixon-2 pennywise-puppet-by-bart-j-mixon-3 pennywise-puppet-by-bart-j-mixon-4