Funko’s 2014 Comic Con Exclusives Include Marshmallow-Covered Ghostbusters!

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While some toy companies have their sights set on loading up our toy shelves with high-end collectibles that look like they stepped right out of our favorite movies, Funko is all about one thing, which is spelled out in the first three letters of their name; F-U-N. And toys don’t get much more fun than their line of POP! Vinyl figures, which they’ve been steadily churning out for the last several years.


Just last month, Funko added the beloved characters from Ghostbusters to the vinyl line, including Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Slimer and a special 6″ toy of Stay Puft, with Winston Zeddemore being packaged separately, alongside the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle.

Today, the company has unveiled their 2014 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive offerings, which are set to beef up the Ghostbusters line in a big way.


Not only are the previously released Slimer and Stay Puft vinyl figures getting glow-in-the-dark makeovers, but so too are a couple special edition box sets being offered up at the event, one of which features all four of the titular Ghostbusters, covered in the gooey remains of Stay Puft. The set is of course a tribute to the original film’s final moments, after the villainous marshmallow has been destroyed.


Funko is also celebrating the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary with a Slimer and Venkman two-pack, which contains variants of the previous releases of both characters. Slimer has been given the metallic treatment for the set, while Venkman is covered in the green goo that the lovable ghost is comprised of.


You’ll be able to get your hands on all of these at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, which kicks off July 24th and runs through the 27th.

In the meantime, check out NECA’s Super Freddy retro-inspired figure, which is one of their Comic Con Exclusives this year!

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