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Funko ‘Sackhead’ Jason and ‘Blood-Splatter’ Michael Pops Coming Soon

by Timothy Rawles

New fall Funko Pops have been announced by the toy company and horror fans you should get your Walgreens reward card ready because you’re going to want these little throwbacks added to your collection.

Funko knows that a lot of its sales comes from horror fans; for some reason we love these little Pop vinyl figures and are willing to throw money at them. We just wrote an article on the ones we’d like to see them do, even though they didn’t take our suggestion we won’t complain because these are awesome additions.

First, we have an exclusive for Walgreens (?!) Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 2. His “sackhead” look is probably just as iconic as his hockey mask. And who can forget Jason’s confused head tilt when Ginny put on his dead mother’s sweater just before she took her final stand.



Second, there is a blood-spattered Michael Myers. This one comes complete with a butcher knife pose and Michael’s signature drab coveralls. This should be a great seller as the Halloween reboot is scheduled to hit theaters in October.

Funko also announced a black and white Pennywise figure from the original It and an homage to H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu for dedicated bookworms.



There is no release date announced for these tiny treasures, the company only says they are coming this fall. That means I better start forming a line at Walgreens at the end of August.

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