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Funko POP! “Pennywise Crab” And More Coming Soon

by Timothy Rawles

Before going any further, we should point out that the headline image is sadly Funko fan art (thanks @Funkoboss), but that picture could be a close approximation of what to expect from the figurine company in the near-future.

Funko Pop knows exactly how to suck the money right out of our bank account and they have just released a list of upcoming figurines.

From the looks of it, we should start saving.

According to a very dedicated and reliable group called Funko Pop Hunters,  a product roster was released and shows there is still much life left in the It franchise; they may have saved the best for last.

Descriptions of forthcoming POPs include:

Beverly Necklace

Eddie Broken Arm


But there is one that definitely has our curiosity piqued called “Pennywise Crab!” 

The below list shows “Ben w/Burnt Egg,” underneath some news for all of you Rydell High fans.

There is no word on when these collectibles will be released, we just wanted you to know what is on the horizon and how much money to leave in your bank account.

We will keep you updated when these POPs! become available.

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