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Funko Pop! Garbage Pail Kids Keep the Adorably Gross Magic Alive

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Ah, the 80s. In a time of cutesy toys dominating the market, Garbage Pail Kids were the burgeoning horror fan’s answer to Cabbage Patch Kids.

Starting as a series of trading cards, Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman created the series with fellow cartoonist Mark Newgarden. Produced by the Topps Company, the first run of the series was drawn exclusively by artist John Pound.

More artists were brought in to assist in the creation of additional lines of characters after the wild success of the initial run. The popularity of the Garbage Pail Kids led to a feature-length live-action film (widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made, so if you love Troll 2 or Howard the Duck, add it to your watch list immediately).

The Garbage Pail Kids have clearly made a cultural impact, because they have been graced with one of the highest of honors (surely); a line of Funko Pop! toys. The news comes straight from an announcement at the London Toy Fair.

Funko Beastly Boyd (via Entertainment Earth)

Check out the rest of the line of Garbage Pail Kids Funko Pop! below, and if you’re interested, you can pre-order the figures over at Entertainment Earth (collection coming June 2018)

Funko Adam Bomb and Slow Chase variant (via Entertainment Earth)

Funko Ghastly Ashley and Clark Can’t (via Entertainment Earth)

You can also find some mini-figures over at Entertainment Earth (though it looks like they’re currently – temporarily – out of stock, so it may take some patience).

Mystery Minis 6-Pack (via Entertainment Earth)

Mystery Minis 4-Pack (via Entertainment Earth)

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