Funko Pop Enters 8-bit Dimensions of Horror

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Funko Pop has been on a roll with not just a number of pop culture figures, but a wide variety in the horror genre as well. Featuring iconic characters from different video games, movies, TV, and more, the brand has been a huge draw for collectors. It seems like everything and anything can be done under the Funko Pop brand. And just in time for the Halloween horror season, Funko has announced 8-bit style pop figurines of three different icons of horror coming out later this year!

Images via Facebook

That’s right, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and a Xenomorph are getting a retro, NES era make-over, and they look rad as hell! On top of that, there are three variants that will be exclusive to Gamestop only. Freddy in his bright colored hues from his A Nightmare On Elm Street game, Jason in his neon blue tint from the Friday The 13th game, and a cool, green blood splattered Xenomorph from Alien. Each one looks like they crawled right out of a Nintendo, and onto your shelf/nightmares! All 6 different Funko Pop figures will be available for purchase starting in January, so pre-order now before they sell out and it’s ‘Game Over!’ for good.

Images via Facebook

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