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Guess what collectors? The Lost Boys are landing at Funko headquarters this July and even though these vampires don’t sparkle in the daylight, they are still the coolest bloodsuckers ever to grace the silver screen.

Or as Funko says, “The cult classic ‘80s-tastic” adventure.


First, there are brothers Sam and Michael who don’t seem to fit into the town of Santa Carla California but not everybody does, and there’s a good reason why. They aren’t vampires…yet.

Master bloodsucker David loves flights over the beach, leather jackets and Chinese take-out. Funko is celebrating the latter with David in his human form, carrying a pair of chopsticks and a box of noodles.

And don’t forget the Frog brothers Edgar and Alan, “The brothers are armed with stakes and a comic book understanding of how to battle their fanged foes.”

These collectibles won’t be released until July, but you can pre-order them HERE.