Funko Announces Upcoming Gremlins and Jaws Action Figures

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One of the coolest things to happen in the world of toys this year was Funko’s line of ReAction figures, toys of various pop-culture icons made to look like they were ripped straight out a decade long gone by. The line was originally kicked off by independent company Super7, who gave Alien the retro-style treatment, and since linking up with the Funko the ReAction line has grown at a rapid pace.

To date, ReAction figures have been released of a slew of horror icons, including Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Trick ‘r Treat‘s Sam, Pinhead and the classic Universal Monsters. The smash-hit success of the line means that more horror icons will soon be getting the same love, and Funko has already begun announcing next year’s ReAction output.

Over on the Funko Fanatic forums, the company’s president is counting down to Christmas with all sorts of upcoming product reveals, and he spilled the beans on two newly-acquired licenses that are going to be a real treat for us horror fans.

In 2015, the ReAction line will expand to include retro-inspired action figures based on both Jaws and Gremlins, so it’s highly likely that we’ll soon be getting the first EVER toys of characters like Billy Peltzer and Pete Fountaine, as well as Brody, Quint and Hooper.

For now, no images have been revealed, so please be aware that the above photo is merely a fan-made custom set, rather than a sneak peek of Funko’s upcoming toys. But keep your eyes locked here on iHorror, as we’ll share photos as soon as we’re provided with them!