Nothing may escape the all-seeing gaze of Funko. Just when you think their line of Pop! figures can’t get any better, Funko finds another way to worm into your heart – and wallet.

Case in point: they’ve just announced a Black Phillip vinyl figure from the highly-divisive Robert Eggers film The VVitch. Standing on his back legs, tempting you with a succulent apple, the figure manages to be simultaneously adorable and broodingly evil.

Their announcement proves as much. From their website:

“Wouldst thou like to play deliciously?”

Black Phillip from the supernatural horror film
The Witch is now stylized as Funko Pop!
Black Phillip is shown standing on his back legs and with an apple!

Add Black Phillip to your horror collection this Summer!

The figure will be available in July.

The VVitch, released nationwide in 2016, garnered much controversy over claims of it being one of the most terrifying films of all time. Of courses, much of the masses detested this – because why wouldn’t they – and scores of audiences fought back at the acclaim, stating it was boring and drawn out.

Regardless of how you feel about the film, it has since become notorious, and the controversy only helped to solidify the film as an important event in the world of horror cinema. Many of us at iHorror love the film, however.

Eggers is set to remake F.W. Murnau’s legendary vampire film Nosferatu, but it appears to be on the backburner at the time being.