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If you are a wanted man here is what NOT to do.

Federal agents in Tacoma, Washington were on the look out for fugitive, Jason Stange who was wanted for bank robbery. As a local newspaper was released the agents saw a story of a low-budget horror movie that was being shot nearby, they saw Stange in a cast picture of him playing the lead role in the film “Marla Mae.”


Stange was soon arrested at a restaurant that was close to where the movie was being filmed. He was still in costume for his role as Dr. Lourdes, a crazy Planned Parenthood physician. Stange pleaded guilty to an armed bank robbery in 2006 and was given a 117-month prison sentence. A probation violation warrant was issued for Stange last year due to him leaving a halfway house.

To make things even better the director said that Stange’s part will still remain in the movie that will be released in 2016.

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Below is the movie poster for “Marla Mae’: