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Update: Frogwares Reveals New Gameplay for ‘The Sinking City’

by Sam Angelo
Mr. Reed

A month ago, we provided survival horror game enthusiasts and Lovecraft cretins alike with an update from Frogwares on The Sinking City.

The update video featured Segiy Oganesyan and co. working on their Lovecraftian passion-project, and provided insight to the philosophy, atmosphere, and creative fundamentals of The Sinking City.

Frogwares’ direction with The Sinking City is to immerse players into an open environment–filled with various monsters and denizens beneath the city’s flooded streets–and keep them (anxiously) guessing on where the next daemonic horror may slither from.

Recently, Frogwares put out their fifth update video on their horrifying vision – slithering tendrils and all.

Frogwares covers the challenges they’ve adressed during the game’s development, including lighting, color palettes, bugs/glitches, finding the correct voice actors, and (obviously) fixing things to be ready for the Game Developers Conventions (GDC).


Image via Frogwares gallery

Fortunately, the team has found solutions to most of the problems – especially the color palettes – and they’re quick to fix any mechanical bugs.

Concerning the footage of gameplay that is shown in the update, The Sinking City (so far) displays a vast environment of water-logged rubble and ruin to explore, which is accompanied by a living atmosphere.

Matt Bertz of GameInformer was able to try a hands-on demo–playing the P.I. Mr. Reeds–at the GDC, and describes an experience in The Sinking City consisting of exploring multiple dialogue paths, fighting off atrocious Lovecraftian horrors, and experiencing the failure of not investigating all of his leads.

While Bertz mentions the voice acting is a little “stilted”–which can be common when trying to localize games for western audiences–the biggest takeaway from the review is the mention of being able to fail investigations.


Image via Frogwares gallery

One of the biggest draws to games such as Deus Ex Machina, L.A. Noire, and the Deadrising games is the replay value that comes from attempting to solve mysteries, but this game allows you to fail your current playthrough.

This is a mechanic that values the player’s ability to investigate all aspects of the game, their ability to learn from their mistakes in critical thinking, and encourages the player to approach situations from multiple angles.

With how promising the game’s design and direction are shaping up to be, The Sinking City is absolutely a game that Lovecraft, mystery, and survival horror fans would be wise to keep on their radar. In a previous IM session with Frogwares, the team suggested to me the game is aimed to be released in late-2018.

If this is the first you have seen of The Sinking City and would like to see how far Frogwares has come with the development on this title, you should check out our article on their previous update!

Sources: Gameinformer, Frogwares YouTube

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