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Frogwares’ Promising Update for The Sinking City: A Tentacle Ridden Loveletter to Lovecraft

by Sam Angelo

Recently, Frogwares revealed some of their concept art for their upcoming Lovecraftian title The Sinking City, joined immediately by their 4th development update. Frogwares The Sinking City is a grandiose passion project and love letter to the works and fictional world of H.P. Lovecraft, set during the 1920’s in Lovecraft’s fictional Oakmont, Massachusetts.

For any that may be unaware, Frogwares is responsible for Focus Home Interactive’s Sherlock Holmes games, in conjunction with their well received, indie Sherlock Holmes titles, and their indie Lovecraftian first-person puzzle game The Magrunner: Dark Runner. With a pedigree revolving around solving life threatening mysteries and Lovecraftian themes, Lovecraft and Cthulhu mythos fans should be excited for Frogwares’ Lovecraft-passion project.

Addressed in Frogwares’ most recent development update, Sergiy Oganesyan elucidates that The Sinking City is set to terrify the player not simply with the Lovecraftian monsters—such as the leviathans often depicted in H.P. Lovecraft’s stories—but to keep the player guessing as to where monsters will be coming from within the city. Oganesyan proposes the viable fear-philosophy of the unknown serving as a catalyst for a plethora of our fears, and explains wanting to exploit this with a large city containing grotesque monsters and mutants—as seen in their speed development video, which promises gnarly body horror—malicious, murderous cults, and the constant threat of monumental cosmic ancients possibly attacking the city.

Of course, readers will ask “well, what is the game about, aside from Lovecraftian daemons and horrors? What is the story to this game?” While I highly recommend readers head over to Frogwares’ website, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for greater detail about this project, I will give the simple synopsis in hopes many of you will hunger for more: you play a private investigator in 1920’s Oakmont, Massachusetts, a city afflicted with constant, relentless floods of mysterious origins, in addition to the historical racial tensions, prohibition, and monsters terrorizing the populace.

Concerning a release date, when asking Frogwares of a possible date, the developers informed me of the game being targeted for release near the end of 2018, and it will be published under mobile app developer Bigben Interactive. What makes The Sinking City especially appealing (to myself and possibly other survival horror fans) is the project showing game design influences from series titles such as The Evil Within, Silent Hill, and the mixed reviewed, but arguably overall innovative The Order: 1886.

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