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In 2007 Frank Darabont’s movie “The Mist” hit theaters, and in one of the most depressed audience exits in history moviegoers emerged from the Cineplex in a state of shock contemplating the film’s pessimistic ending.


What is in "The Mist"?

What is in “The Mist”?

Don't forget bug spray!

Don’t forget bug spray!

The adapted screenplay, from a Stephen King novella of the same name, follows a group of customers who are trapped inside a supermarket as a thick mist comes rolling through town. Inside this fog are an array of arachnid-like creatures, varying in size, that have been passing through a dimensional doorway opened by scientists via their experiments.



But, did you know you can actually visit the market used in the filming of the movie? Tom’s Market, in Vivian Louisiana, is the actual location from the film. Located at 212 N. Pine St, it is still open and you can shop there during its regular business hours of 7a.m to 8p.m Mon-Fri. Be sure to pick up the store’s flyer, offering the sales of the week.

From Google Street View

From Google Street View

Paper, plastic or body bag?

Paper, plastic or body bag?

As always, if you are planning to visit this location, be respectful to the property and the people around you to ensure this Fright Site remains open to other horror fans for years to come.

Post your photos if you decide to visit and let iHorror know what you bought!

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Tom’s Market, 212 N. Pine St, Vivian, Louisiana, U.S.A. (318) 375-3671

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