‘Friday the 13th’ Writer Done With First Draft

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Despite the massive financial success of 2009’s Platinum Dunes reboot of Friday the 13th, it’s taken over half a decade for things to really kick into gear on the development of another Jason film. We’ve known for awhile now that we’re finally going to get more slashing at Camp Crystal Lake in 2016, but outside of that the information has been slow coming.

Friday the 13th - Jason 2009

Thankfully, screenwriter Nick Antosca took to Twitter recently to confirm that he has in fact submitted his initial draft of Friday the 13th’s screenplay to Paramount as of a few weeks back. We still don’t know for sure what this new F13 installment will be about – outside of it not being a continuation of Marcus Nispel’s 2009 movie – but at least we know it’s in the active stages.

Rumors swirled for awhile that Friday the 13th would be entering the found footage realm, but Platinum Dunes producers eventually shot that down, for which we can never thank them enough. The last thing our genre needs is more found footage to add to the ever-growing pile of cheap schlock that studios crank out to try and make an easy buck with minimal effort. There’s also been speculation Jason’s latest adventure might be set in the 1980’s, but that’s far from official as well.

Friday the 13th’s thirteenth chapter is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 13th, 2016.