‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Gets a (Perk) Upgrade

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What’s more exciting than scuba diving and running into a certain hockey masked homicidal maniac?  A new update to the already fantastic Friday the 13th game, that’s what!

The sneaky folks at Gun Media, the company responsible for bringing Jason Voorhees to modern day gaming consoles have released an update to their in-game perk system.

The following was released in a statement on the games official website:

Today is all about Perks, and the first thing we want to talk about is a slight reworking of the UI which is designed to help players who live with certain types of color blindness. Each perk, as well as the Perk Legend, will include a numerical value of 1 through 6 as a visual indicator of Perk rarity. 1 being for Poor Perks, while 6 will denote Legendary Perks (more on that later in this post).

Next up, let’s share some value changes that we are making to Perks.

Easy Listening – Radio proximity recharge rate boost:

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 10-40%

 Motorboating – Boat movement speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

Man at Arms – Weapon durability increase

  • Old Value: 5-25%
  • New Value: 5-15%

 My Dads a Cop – Cop arrival time reduction

  • Old Value: -5 – -30%
  • New Value: -5 – -25%

 Quiet Swimmer – Sense detection chance reduction

  • Old Value: 1-25%
  • New Value: 5-20%

 Lead Foot – Car speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 5-20%

Aquanaut – Swimming speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

 These perks will come in handy for those campers looking to escape from the camp, as most of them are geared toward that task, instead of the ultimate goal, killing Voorhees.  They are also introducing “Legendary Perks”.  Legendary perks have all the benefits of the perks, with added bonuses.  A list of these Legendary perks is forthcoming.

The announcement of this update, coupled with the recent addition of a Pinehurst Map, a part 5 Jason (Roy), the Virtual cabin 2.0 (with secret reveals of its own), and the trailer for the upcoming single player challenges have made this fanboy want to break out in song:

“Oh I’m a happy camper, I love the summer sun, I love the trees and forests, I’m always having fun”  Oh, never-mind, that’s another movie!

Sleep tight, campers!