Friday the 13th Part 3 Toy Car Rides Into Your Collection

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One of last year’s most random but awesome horror collectibles was a toy police car based on the original Friday the 13th, put out by GreenLight Collectibles. The Matchbox-style car even came with a mini-figure of Mrs. Voorhees, sealing its fate as a highly unique must-own.

The 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco was part of the die-cast replica car company’s seventh series of the GreenLight Hollywood line, and included in that very same series was also a car from Gremlins. Series 9 of GL Hollywood has just been released, and the Friday franchise once again gets some love.


In addition to toy cars based on Breaking Bad, Field of Dreams, and Supernatural, Series 9 includes a 1963 Volkswagen Classic Beetle, which you may recognize as Rick’s car from Friday the 13th Part 3. The vehicle is prominently featured in a memorable scene where Shelly runs afoul of the biker gang.

Though this may seem like a useless piece of merchandise to some, it’s a pretty cool little toy for diehard Friday the 13th fans. It’s rare to find Friday collectibles other than toys depicting Jason Voorhees, so it’s nice to see a company like GreenLight stepping outside the box and offering up something different.

The limited edition Friday the 13th Part 3 toy car, which has a metal body and chassis, as well as real rubber tires, can be purchased over on Amazon.

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