‘Friday the 13th’ Images Reveal What Jason Would Have Looked Like on CW’s Series

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Can’t we all just get along? Can’t Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Milller, fighting over Friday the 13th property finally just work it out and give fans more Jason? Probably not, but today we have images that show us what the, now abandoned, CW series might have looked like.

The series titled Crystal Lake Chronicles was something that Sean S. Cunningham was shopping around that could have landed a home on CW. The series was a very meta approach to Friday the 13th. In fact, it’s so meta sounding that it sort of reminds me of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

It centered on the town of Crystal Lake and saw a “Hollywood Creep” swooping in and making tons of Friday the 13th films. Exploitation galore. Only the townsfolk of Crystal Lake still remember what really happened, everything else is based on Hollywood’s interpretation of the Friday the 13th truth.

The strange part about this description is Cunningham saying that Jason would have been allowed to “exist in whatever form.” Hopefully, that isn’t a call back to the Jason Goes to Hell approach.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter now. The now abandoned series is likely to never come back to life. Luckily, posted a bunch of pics they manged to locate. These give us a very clear picture of what Sota FX’s Jason would have looked like in the series.

Make sure to head over HERE to get a look at the complete set of awesome photos.

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