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Written by Patti Pauley

thUp until pretty recently, any news about the upcoming new Friday the 13th film was about as hush-hush as the walking camp counselor killer himself. Just a few days ago, we were told by sources that the film was to begin filming in March in the town of Conyers, Georgia. We also got a tip from a secret source that filmmakers are using a pseudo title for the film “Forest Green”, to throw off the media and super fans from disturbing the set.


Welp, so much for the secrecy eh?

friday the 13th

Any-who, per the Project Casting website, we got a whole new dish of delightful little details on top of the company putting out a casting call in search for a young Jason Voorhees! The notice that has gone out, that is calling the new Friday film simply Friday the 13th: Part 13, states that shooting dates are slated for March 19th through May 4th of 2017; putting that October the 13th release of this year within reasonable timelines assuming they won’t run into any more delays.

So let me ask you, do you live in the Atlanta area? Do you have a set of 12 year-old twin boys that have a desire to creep out the masses? Well, here is what the site is asking for, and if your children fit the criteria, they could be the next young slasher icon! Any horror loving parents’ dream for their offspring.

Male, Caucasian, 12 years old ONLY SEEKING IDENTICAL TWINS W/ TV AND FILM CREDITS. MUST BE UNDER 5 FOOT. NO EXCEPTIONS. Lengthy and awkward. A dark, ominous child, who has severe psychological issues. Must have a very electric and expressive face (you will be painting the scene with your facial expressions), as this role does not speak. YOUNG JASON will grow into the psycho-killer JASON. SUPPORTING ROLE. MUST BE ATLANTA BASED.

Seeing as how the casting company is seeking twins, does this mean Jason will have a twin brother? Speculation upon speculation. WE still don’t know the official synopsis or any plot details as of this moment. However, the call also states that the new Friday film is a “unique retelling of the origin story”, that will also feature the beautifully overprotective mother of mayhem, Pamela Voorhees and for the first time ever, Jason’s father Elias.

Are you excited for this twisted family reunion and a legit Voorhees origin story? As an avid fan myself, you count on the fact I’m squealing like a slaughtered pig over here! If you’re interested in learning more about the young Jason role, and wish to round up the kiddos for an audition, clink the link for Project Casting above!