‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot Cancelled by Paramount


Those of you that have been following this story may have seen our article last night regarding the pulling of World War Z 2 and the Friday the 13th reboot from the Paramount release schedule, but a few hours after making both movies “undated”, Paramount has decided to pull the plug on the Friday the 13th reboot altogether.

Friday the 13th Reboot
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According to Hollywood Reporter, the Rings movie could be one of the reasons for the cancellation, along with the current rights litigation and its $21 million budget. Due to the disappointing earnings for Rings on its opening weekend and the fact that it focuses on the same audience might play a large part in it being axed (or machete-d, for lack of better words).

Friday the 13th was due to begin photography in the next couple months for its October release. It seems we won’t be getting a young Jason Voorhees any time soon. Many fans of the World War Z movie are now holding their breaths, hoping its sequel doesn’t receive the same fate. But if we know anything about Jason Voorhees, he doesn’t easily stay dead.

If anything happens regarding the Friday the 13th reboot or World War Z, we will keep you updated, but as it stands, a close source told Hollywood Reporter regarding the reboot that the, “the production was not ready to go at this date.”

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  1. So depressing…. it sounded like they had so many good ideas for this one….we should start a petition…..who’s with me!!!

  2. That’s OK. Maybe Jason and the franchise aren’t meant for the big screen anymore. Picked up some decent comic books, loved him in MKX now he’s getting his own game! The last reboot was slated to hell, maybe we let the legacy die, so “Jason lives” in other media.

  3. I’ll just go binge watch the series now and be sad about making different plans for October13th. Paramount can eat a big bag of di…dill pickles.

  4. I like the script as a general horror movie, but as a Jason movie I am on the fence. As stated in the article, Jason fans aren’t complicated when it comes to figuring out what they want. But as a horror fan in general, I love the way the script plays out and feel like it would make me like the series more.

  5. Actually the rights and the license to the Friday the13th franchise will revert back to the original people which is Mr.Sean S.Cunningham and Mr.Victor Miller between June or July of 2018 due to the f13 lawsuit that they are currently involved in and so they are going to determine where the Friday the 13th franchise resides.

  6. this sounds WORSE than the halloween remake zombie did. WORSE!!!!
    This is so fucking stupid, it sounds like fan fiction


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